Who to Trust

In the years I have spent in La Fortuna, I’ve come to know and befriend many of the tour guides and salesmen around town. With that knowledge you quickly learn who to trust and who to avoid. There are a few “major” tour places around town, both operators and sales only places.

As mentioned in my article about the hot springs, you can often get much better prices if you shop in town. The highest prices will be found by booking directly at your hotel and the cheapest will be found at those discount tour sales stands. More often than not the best prices will actually be at one of the sales places instead of going directly to the operator. When it comes to which of these places to go my wholehearted recommendation is Arenal Jungle Tours.

Arenal Jungle Tours

My reasons are varied, one being that Hassan the owner of Arenal Jungle Tours is very friendly and helpful, whereas my experience with some other not to be named businesses is let’s just leave it at not friendly at all. Arenal Jungle Tours has or will match the best prices in town; a very convenient location, and the tour salesman there I know all actually know and have guided the places they’re selling. For transportation I deal with another nearby company called Arenal Evergreen who setup both custom and collective tours.

We work hand in hand with these tour operators and sale people, so please contact us for more information and we can help you to book an enjoyable vacation.

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