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Tyler and Nancy Wenzel

Tyler and Nancy Wenzel

When he was a young teenager, a family member suggested that maybe they should should plan a family vacation to Costa Rica. Tyler, an obsessive planner and researcher started investigating about this exotic destination. What he read made him fall in love, he wanted to go to Costa Rica. That trip never happened, but when he was 18 he decided to use the money he’d saved up working while in High School to spend two months doing volunteer work in Costa Rica.

He fell even harder in love during those two months than he had in all his researching. As a result in September 2012 Tyler moved to the La Fortuna area of Costa Rica. He eventually fell even harder in love with a Costa Rican whom he now calls his wife. Between the country wide insights of his wife and his having taken just about every tour experience in the La Fortuna area, Tyler set out to create a resource for tourists like him.

A lot of the guide books and travel sites are for either tourists for whom money is little object or backpackers who want to spend the absolute minimum. However, this site is meant to combine the two. Enjoy the perks of tourism, without having to spend all the money that traditionally comes with being a tourist.

Tyler has traveled to most parts of Costa Rica in his years here, but in a desire to provide real, quality information, this site is focused on the areas that he knows best.