Food in La Fortuna–Introduction

For a small town in Costa Rica, La Fortuna is spoiled when it comes to food options; be it dine in, take out, groceries, etc. you have a mountain of options. TripAdvisor lists 111 options just for restaurants in the La Fortuna area, a town of only a few thousand people. Add to that list a score of grocery stores, hotels in house restaurants, street vendors, and unlisted locations and you have a wealth of options.IMG_5553

With so many options I decided it would be best to break things up into several categories. Which are linked below. Given the sheer number of restaurants and the much smaller number of my bank account I’ve only ever eaten in a handful of the proper restaurants in La Fortuna. I have much more experience with the local places called “Sodas” and the fast food places (by fast food I mean local hole in the wall places not McDonald’s or Burger King).

Grocery Stores

‘Sodas’ (local family places) and Fast Food


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